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Inheritance, estate and probate in Germany

The German law firm for inheritance law and probate, GSP Scheidt & Partner offers you many years of experience in the determination, enforcement and realization of estates and claims for foreign citizens in Germany in the event of an inheritance. Let our specialist Dr. Ebert advise you.

Our main areas of practice:

  • Entire probate process in Germany
  • Correspondence with courts and authorities
  • Securing the estate in Germany
  • German or European certificate of inheritance
  • Claims to a compulsory portion against an heir in Germany 
  • Community of heirs/dissolution
  • Legacies in an inheritance case
  • German Inheritance Tax
  • Clearance from German tax office (to get access to funds)
  • Real estate in Germany or abroad
  • Succession in company shares

It is up to specialists to handle an inheritance case across borders and in different legal systems. We represent your interests in asserting your claims in the event of an inheritance, securing your rights during the transitional period and after clarification of the question of who exactly inherited what. In addition, we settle the estate for you - whether real estate or other assets - and prepare the corresponding inheritance tax returns.

We assert your claims all over Germany and – if needed – Europe or overseas. 

Even in difficult cases, we will assert your interests. Contact us, we will be happy to clarify your questions in an initial consultation.
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Dr. Ebert has been handling inheritance cases with a foreign connection for over 15 years and also worked for a large German non-profit organization for several years, where he handled cross-border inheritance cases, among other things.


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