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That is why specialized lawyers

GSP Scheidt & Partner is a specialist law firm for inheritance and tax law as well International inheritance and criminal tax law. Because: "Not all lawyers are professionals in every legal branch".

Legal education is designed to cover the basic areas of law. This is not only accompanied by the acquisition of the qualification to become a judge, but also by the training of the lawyer to become a generalist and not a specialist. Inheritance law and tax law or even criminal tax law are therefore not part of this training. For a good and comprehensive representation in these cases, experienced experts are required.


Inheritance and tax law are not comparable with other areas of law and are very complex. They are subject to constant change. Therefore, we deliberately focus our advice exclusively on this profession, thus ensuring the greatest possible competence. After all, anyone who tries to advise on everything ends up doing nothing right. We take a different approach: We do what we are experts of. 

Our consultants and lawyers have specialized in inheritance and tax law from the very beginning. They have many years of experience and are constantly undergoing further training. This guarantees you a high degree of efficiency and success. Because the best possible success can be ensured through the exchange in a team of colleagues, in which everyone benefits from the experience of the others.

Together we create more

We are many - our success is gained for you.

A problem cannot be discussed alone - this requires a counterpart. Discussing and debating a problem together, having the experience and assessment of another colleague, weighing things up and exchanging ideas , leads to the best results.

We are a team - each consultant at GSP Scheidt & Partner therefore has the knowledge of all consultants and thus the best knowledge for your success. In this way, we also create a constant self-monitoring of the content, which ensures the quality of our performance. In this way, solutions can be found and mistakes can be avoided, which might not have been noticed by a single consultant.

Ultimately, a whole team of specialist lawyers simply has more capacity for new cases and can thus implement efficient time management. This guarantees you a fast and successful settlement.

Half-hearted advice is not advice!

Your case is not a mass case, it needs an answer that meets all open questions and problems of your specific case. Therefore, the consulting approach must always be interdisciplinary and include the entire circumstances.

For example, it is not enough to divide up assets in the context of a division of an estate. Rather, it is also necessary to consider what tax consequences arise from this, because these can be quite considerable.

A transfer of assets, on the other hand, must also be considered from the point of view of taxation and inheritance law. The solution of a tax consultant on the one hand or the solution of a lawyer for family law on the other hand is not sufficient here. 

Our specialist attorneys have the overall view of this - that is why they are specialized attorneys.

Attorneys and advisors
Mathias Scheidt
Mathias Scheidt
Attorney at Law
Specialist lawyer for tax law
Karsten Weiss
Karsten Weiss
Attorney at law
Specialist lawyer for tax law
Insolvency law
Matthias Kalthoff
Matthias Kalthoff
Attorney at Law
Certified specialist in inheritance law
Donat Erbert
Dr. Donat Ebert
Attorney at Law
Focus on Internat. Inheritance Law
Certified executor (DVEV)
Certified guardian of the estate
Dipl.-Jurist Hendrik Straus
Tax consultant Hendrik Straus
Tax consultant
Dipl. Jur.
Lena Frescher
Lena Frescher
Certified specialist in inheritance law
Roman-Maria Höritzsch, M.Sc.
Roman-Maria Höritzsch
Accounting business economist
Systemic consultant

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