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Basics and fees

Initial consultation

GSP Scheidt & Partner offers an initial consultation for every case and for all areas of law offered, in order to make the facts of the case tangible for you in all their implications and value. Thus, from the very first moment, your interests are in the foreground.

Regardless of the size of the case and even in difficult cases, we will assert your interests. Contact us, we will be happy to clarify your questions in an initial consultation
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Billing basis

The initial consultation is free of charge. After agreeing on an appointment we phone you at a convenient time (please be aware of the time difference, so your late afternoon might be our night) and discuss your query.

Afterwards billing is generally based on the statutory fees and depends on the value of the interest. For example, the fee for the lawyer's work in out-of-court proceedings for an amount in dispute of €20,000.00 is generally €859.80 (plus statutory value-added tax). Half of this fee would be credited in the court proceedings.

In other words, the legal representation in this case would amount here to 4.20% of the interest - your interest. This example clearly shows that legal representation - regardless of legal expenses insurance - is worthwhile.

As an alternative to billing according to the statutory fees, billing according to the actual time spent (billing by the hour) or a lump-sum payment can be agreed upon - GSP Scheidt & Partner will find and offer the best individual solution for you in this respect as well.

We will discuss billing on the basis of a lump-sum fee with you on a case-by-case basis. This fee is usually the simplest and most tangible form of remuneration for the client and is also measured against your interest (e.g. the share of the inheritance). In inheritance law, it may also be agreed that the remuneration is to be paid only after the inflow of the inheritance and after the end of the proceedings. In criminal tax law, lump-sum fees are also very often agreed upon, since the time spent is difficult to estimate.

In all legal matters, billing by the hour is based on an hourly rate of at least € 190.00 plus the statutory value-added tax and is, of course, also dependent on the individual case.

GSP Scheidt & Partner attaches particular importance to the transparency of its fees. You will receive regular overviews of the status of your case and the fees incurred. Although this should be self-evident anyway, it often is not. GSP Scheidt & Partner will inform you at least once a month (independent of other current events) about the current status within the framework of a recurring automatic procedure. Of course, we are also available to answer your questions personally at any time.


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